Workforce Planning for Air Crew

Explore our sophisticated roster cost estimation and optimisation functionalities to create cost-efficient manpower plans.

We address your challenges


Increasingly volatile demand due to changing flight schedules makes forecasting the required crew supply level harder than ever.


Decisions on demand and supply management are made in minutes and hours instead of days.

Time Pressure

Historic data and experience can hardly be used as reference anymore to be effective.

Historic Data

Usual spreadsheet solutions are no longer sufficient to serve todays demands of manpower planners when it comes to data analytics, forecasting, scenario planning and optimization.


So you will benefit

WePlan brings planning resources to a new level replanning historically grown spreadsheets by maintaining and storing all data and calculations centrally

Seamless Tool

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Actual roster performance is mapped automatically to the manpower planning assumptions


WePlan is the first tool enabling an analysis of total cost of delivery for a future roster and the actual cost of the roster using actual roster data

Cost Transparency

Crew cost of flight schedule and fleet strategies can be assessed within minutes instead of days with our estimation functionality


Decision making support through optimization of commercial flying, vacation and training planning


Air Crew

WePlan offers multiple components to customize your individual planning environment.

Illutration of different componenets WePlan offers.

Basic Module

Your strategic and operational manpower plan can be managed in one tool. Depending on the timespan you are working on, you can choose your preferred planning granularity.

Basic Module

Create and compare as many scenarios as you like and re-run them on different data sets. This speeds up decision-making and significantly improves your crisis management ability.

Basic Module

Through a simple drag and drop, you can design your preferred and individual dashboard. It helps to satisfy the changing needs of both, the management and other stakeholders. 

Basic Module

WePlan automatically saves versions of your plan and allows you to restore historic planning data.

Basic Module

WePlan tracks all changes and makes sure the users leave comments for common understanding between the versions of the plan. This “single source of truth” reduces multiple knowledge sources through full transparency.

Basic Module

The avatar assists the planner in monitoring all data, therefore avoiding frequent errors.

Basic Module

Let WePlan do the information chasing for you and give stakeholders access to relevant parts of the tool. WePlan will automate your reporting process to increase planning transparency and commitment.

Advanced Module

The tool offers linking different instances of WePlan – this way resources can be shared across business units. This helps you to optimize staffing across multiple locations.

Advanced Module

Total cost of delivery is optimised to derive the optimal number of staff required. Planning of non-operational tasks (e.g. vacation), or external staff can be refined and optimized.

Advanced Module

Calculate the optimal level of standbys based on sickness and disruption rates and create efficient standby plans.

Advanced Module

The module uses the most relevant planning rules and historic data to estimate the FTE demand and roster costs of a flight schedule within seconds. 

Advanced Module

Manage and control crew absences and incidents and digitalize workflows to administer your crew.

Advanced Module

Maintain your staff data in WePlan, such as contract types and qualifications to base your supply calculation on it.

Advanced Module

WePlan constantly monitors the planning performance comparing published and actual duty or T&A data. Based on the output, you can adjust enhance the quality day-to-day and track performance.

Advanced Module

Create and optimize solid training plans to have the right staff at the right time with the right qualification.

How our clients use WePlan

Leading companies around the world trust WePlan to compare scenarios, assess crew demand, crew costs and more.

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