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Smart Workforce Planning Solutions

Unpredictable changes, fluctuating demand, staff absence – workforce management is more dynamic than ever. Cost-effective and accurate plans can only be achieved when you master the complexity associated with today’s planning needs.

Take the guesswork out of manpower planning with our intuitive and fun-to-use tools. Use automation to uncover insights from your data and create smarter resource plans.

Scenario Management Workforce

WePlan enables you to create and compare as many scenarios as you like and re-run them on different data sets. This reduces decision-making time from days to hours and significantly improves your crisis management ability.


Data Collection Workforce Planning

With WePlan you can easily collaborate across teams to streamline data collection and track changes for more transparency. By replacing multiple tools and files with a single source of truth, you overcome planning silos and reduce susceptibility to errors.


Continuous Improvement Workforce

WePlan automatically monitors your planning performance by comparing your assumptions with the actual duty plan data.
It allows you to tailor your KPIs to your individual needs, enabling progressive improvement of your planning quality.


Manpower Planning Optimization

The WePlan algorithm optimises your plan towards your internal KPI’s. With our fully automated planning and advanced analytics you get complete transparency of your total cost of delivery and better insights from our ready-to-go reporting dashboards.


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Say goodbye to tedious tasks and planning silos

  • Eliminate the inefficient maintenance of historically-grown spreadsheets
  • Save time so you can focus on the work that really matters
  • Rely on a single source of truth for the right insights whenever you need them
  • Easily understand calculations and edits across teams with our change log

Future-proof your way of working

  • Improve collaborative working and knowledge sharing with our multiuser friendly tool
  • Avoid the risk of losing control or knowledge when an individual from your planning team is absent or leaves
  • Overcome data modelling limits through increased flexibility and ease of use
  • Benefit from regular software updates and a workforce planning solution that adapts to your organisations needs

Let our algorithms
do the heavy lifting

  • Let our state of the art assistant bot guide you through your planning tasks
  • Ensure agility and run what-if-scenarios to assess demand changes within seconds
  • Get automatic alerts for potential disruptions or errors from our irregularity tracking
  • Use our ready-to-use reporting dashboards instead of manually preparing management summaries and presentations

Focus on future potential, not plans of the past

  • Ensure continuous planning improvements through Roster Analytics and AI
  • Master planning complexity through fully automated planning and optimization
  • Predict future workforce and training needs or explore options for union negotiations with more accuracy
  • Drive business performance and access untapped potential with intelligent planning
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How our clients use WePlan

Leading companies around the world trust WePlan to compare scenarios, assess crew demand, crew costs and more.

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WePlan offers leading planning functionalities at a very competitive price – supported by our long planning expertise.

A big plan for small costs

At WePlan we have significant aviation experience and detailed expertise in Manpower Planning with a focus on the TT&L industry and therefore we understand our customer's challenges.

Industry Expertise

WePlan is priced very competitively. The pricing structure allows a smooth implementation of the tool without significant costs for changes and updates.

Value for Money

We offer onsite consulting to ensure successful implementation and training for your organisation to ensure you gain the maximum benefits.



WePlan offers multiple components to customize your individual planning environment.

The modules of WePlan Software
Illutration of different componenets WePlan offers.

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