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Smart manpower planning solutions

WePlan offers new opportunities in manpower planning and supports the planner in overcoming challenges associated with today’s operational complexity. The aim is not only to create smart long- and short-term resource plans but to provide an intuitive solution that is fun to work with - as a team. We use innovative technology to analyse, forecast and optimise resource demand leading to a reduction in your operational costs.

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WePlan encourages collaboration and transparency within your team by making all changes and activities of your co-workers transparent. The tool also supports sign-off processes with other departments to streamline communication and data flow.


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WePlan enables you to create and compare as many scenarios as you like and re-run them on different data sets. This speeds up decision-making and improves your crisis management ability significantly.

Scenario Management

Continuous Improvement

WePlan monitors your planning performance by comparing your assumptions with the actual data of the duty plans. WePlan allows you to tailor your KPIs to your individual needs, enabling progressive improvement of your planning quality.

Continuous Improvement


WePlan optimises your plan towards your internal KPI’s. This enables precise reflection on operational costs and more importantly the total cost of delivery and therefore naturally improves strategic and operational decision making in Manpower Planning.


No more struggling with Excel

Do you regularly struggle with numerous Excel files and lose valuable time copying data from one file to the other? Are you continually frustrated with trying to understand the historically-grown formulas or with waiting for the hourglass?
WePlan helps you to store and sort historic plan versions and scenarios and allows you to run all calculations in one place - the single source of truth. It provides full transparancy through an interactive change log of your team.
WePlan acts as a helping friend to guide you through the daily and complex task of planning with its state-of-the art assistant bot.

Delivering and steering
resource capacity

Due to today's planning complexity, the often decentralised process execution, information flow across the involved departments lead to missing crew members who were sent on vacation or are absent. WePlan’s mechanism will avoid this. Our solution offers flexible scenario calculation, reporting, optimization and irregularity tracking.

No more sleepless nights

Is your entire manpower planning competence concentrated on 1–2 employees? You as an executive fear the risk of loss of control and knowledge? WePlan provides the fix: Our multiuser friendly tool enables collaborative working and knowledge sharing. You never lose track on who provided which information due to the innovative change log and communication features.

Don't worry about it

We have all experienced that day where Excel crashes and you lose your hard work of the past 3 hours - or even worse, you then realise there is no back up at all. This does not happen with WePlan as it constantly freezes your planning status to allow you to restore older versions of your plan whenever you want – like using a time machine.
Knowing how valuable it is, we treat your data as fully confidential therefore guaranteeing the fulfilment of the common international data protection and security standards, worldwide.

Smart Workforce Planning Software to replace Excel

WePlan offers leading planning functionalities at a very competitive price – supported by our long planning expertise.

A big plan for small costs

At WePlan we have significant aviation experience and detailed expertise in Manpower Planning with a focus on the TT&L industry and therefore we understand our customer's challenges.

Industry Expertise

WePlan is priced very competitively. The pricing structure allows a smooth implementation of the tool without significant costs for changes and updates.

Value for Money

We offer onsite consulting to ensure successful implementation and training for your organisation to ensure you gain the maximum benefits.



WePlan offers multiple components to customize your individual planning environment.

The modules of WePlan Software
Illutration of different componenets WePlan offers.

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